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Promo Pictures from My Years in Professional Wrestling
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Current Promo Shot-
Can you see why
I wrestle as a bad guy???.

Promo Shot 1990

Wrestling promo shot - 1984.

Promo-Shot 1988


Promo Shot
taken in New Zealand

Promo Shot
taken in South Africa

Giant David

My First Promo Shot
taken by Walter Kowalski

"Killer" Kowalski
and I in the ring

Two better "Bad Guys"
You won't find!

Action Pictures from The Ring

Choking Dave Castoldi
Waltham, Massachusetts

Punching Dave Castoldi
With help from
Big John Callahan

John Callahan and I
working over the ever-hapless
Richard Byrne

Trying to get my point
across to the referee.

Putting the finishing
touches on Concrete Cowboy
in Philadelphia-1988

Trying to finish off
"Superstar" Ric Drasin-1998

Doing battle with
wrestling great
Lars Anderson

he was tougher
than I expected

Doing a wrestling interview
with Chris Claussen
"Bedlam from Boston"

A proud Israeli
entering the ring

On my way
to the ring for
another title defense

On my way
to the ring-handing out Israeli
mini-flags to my fans

Dropping Concrete Cowboy
with my patented
"Flying Clothesline"

Effortlessly lifting
and carrying
Al Tomko in Canada

Tomko trying his best
to to stay
out of my way!

You would NOT want to
be on the receiving end
of what's about to happen next!

Tossing Rocky Sorter
Like a Ragdoll

Putting an Armlock
on Butcher Hughes

Executing a perfect Suplex
on Frank Gulla

A Perfect Reverse
Figure Four Leglock

Crushing My Opponent
with my Patented
"Falling Star of David"

About to crush an opponent
with a "Flying Legdrop"
Look how high I get!

Butcher Hughes threatening
to punch my lights out

Delivering a forearm
to my dazed opponent

A perfectly executed
Stepover Toe-Hold"

About to do damage to my
knee with a
"Flying Legdrop"

Tor Kamata and Taenao Kulua
about to"sneak attack"me
Note Tor (R) Pulling a
chain out of his trunks

With John Tolos
on the verge of submission
with a Bonecrushing Bearhug-
Tor Kamata comes to his rescue with a groin kick

Being Pummeled in the corner by the 400+pounds
"Giant Haystacks"

Signing Autographs
for my many fans.

In excrutiating pain
after a desperate
opponent hit me in the groin

My hand raised
Signifying Another Victory

Giving it back to the
heckling fans!

Sneaking into the ring
before the referee sees!

Not Cooperating
in letting
the ref check me

the fans

Newspaper Clippings and Related Media

An article on me in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

An article on me in the Baltimore Jewish Times.

An article on me in the Boston Globe.

Bloody but not beaten-
photo on front page of Hartford, Connecticut
Newspaper - 1980.

Class of 1979 - Essex Life (see me?).

Pro-Wrestling Illustrated
Rankings 1990
Me at #9!

Pro-Wrestling Illustrated
Rankings 1990
Me at #6!

An Article on me
In the Boston Jewish Times

Chief Jay Strongbow
Portland, Maine

In the Semi-Main Event
For the World Tag-Team

Newspaper Ad in the
Sacramento Bee

Ranked #451 In
Pro Wrestling Illustrated
Greatest 500 Wrestlers of all time!

A clipping of me in the
Johannesburg Star News

The South African News with Me,
Nicolai Volkoff, and
Mario Milano

Newspaper Article in the
South African News

Article In
The American Israelite

An article on me in the
New York Jewish Times

Article in the
New Jersey
Star Gazette

Newspaper Article in the
Las Vegas Israelite

Article In
The Southwest Jewish Press

Hanging Out with "The Boys"

Legendary Manager
NWA Legend
Jim Cornette

Legendary Wrestling Manager
Jim Cornette

Good Friend
Wrestling Legend
"Luke the Bushwaker"

Good Friend-Wrestling Legend
The Barbarian

Ring Brother
WWE Legend
"The Dragon"
Ricky Steamboat

Legendary Wrestling Manager
Paul Bearer

Good Friend
Wrestling Legend
"The Destroyer"
Dick Beyer

Good Friend-Wrestling Legend
The "Doctor"
Jack Armstrong

The Greatest
Bill Anderson,Ric Drasin
and Legendary Ring Announcer
Josh Austin

Wrestling Star Billy Andersdon "Sandwiching"
Sami Drasin

Good Friends
Jack Armstrong, Gene LeBell, Riki Ataki
Ric Drasin and
Dan Farren and Kurt Brown

Friend-Caandian Wrestling Legend
Kevin Jefferies

The Best
WWE Legend
and good friend
Scott Casey

Karl Lauer's
Retirement Dinner
Las Vegas-April, 2012

If ever there was a great
promoter, it would
surely have to be
my buddy, Karl Lauer

Good Friend-The Bishop
Jason Sanderson

Good Friend
Ed "Moondog" Moretti

Former WWE Wrestler
Ricki Ataki

Good Friend
Wrestling Star
Paul Farber

Good Friend-WWF Wrestling Legend
and Pennsylvania Neighbor
Brian Knobbs

The Greatest
WWE Legend
"Mouth of the South"
Jimmy Hart

Good Buddy
Former WWF Tag-Team Champion
Afa the Samoan

Good Friend
WWF Wrestling Superstar
Ladies Champion
Wendi Richter

Friend-Wrestling Legend
Tugboat-Fred Ottman

Super Cool
WWE Legend
Original Sin

Good Buddy
Former Tag-Team Partner
Irish Pat Barret

Good Pal
WWF Wrestling Superstar
B.Brian Blair

Friend-Wrestling Legend
Tony Rocco

WWF Legend
Honky Tonk Man

Great WWF Legend
Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Good Buddy
Wrestling & Film Superstar
Pepper Martin

Old Friend-WWF Wrestling Legend
Rick Martel

The first Wrestler
out of the Legendary Stu Hart School
Smith Hart

The Great
Kitty Kat
My. has she grown!

Wrestling Superstar
Kitty Kat

Friend-Legendary Wrestling Photographer
George Napolitano

Friend and former Boss
WWWF & WWF Legend
Dominic DeNucci

Good Friend
the Great WWWF Superstar
Joyce Grable

Clowning wih Good Buddy
Wrestling Champion
Nick Bockwinkel

Friend-Wrestling Legend
Writer, Manager, Wrestling Historian
Tom Burke

WWE Legend
Tori Wilson

Good Buddy
Greatest NWA Champion
Of All Time
Harley Race

Talking over
old matches with Good Buddy
Wrestling Superstar
Jimmy Valiant

Friend-WWWF & WWF Wrestling Legend
"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant

Great friend
WWE Legend

Fabulous Friend
WWF Legendary Announcer
Mean Gene Okerland

Good Buddy
Wrestling Superstar
Tito Santana

Friend-WWWF Wrestling Legend
Superstar Billy Graham

One of the Greatest
WWE Stars
Buddy Steve Austin

Good Friend
and Legendary Giant
Don Leo Jonathan

The Best
WWWF Woman Legend
Judy Martin

Good Friends-Wrestling Legends
And about 200 years of
Experience in this Picture
Jack Armstrong,Lenny Duke,
Billy Anderson and Ricky Ataki

My great friend
WWWF Legend
Pete Sanchez

Great Friend
WWWF Sensation
Davey O'Hannon

Good Buddy
Wrestling Superstar
Earl Maynard

Good Buddy-Wrestling Legend
Bill Miller

Two of the Greatest
WWE Stars
Friends Batista and RVD

Great Friends
Gene LeBell and
The Doctor-Jack Armstrong

Old Friend
Wrestling Legend
Ken Patera

Friends-Jack Armstrong and Randi Drasin

One of the best
wrestlers in WWF History
Good Friend "Hacksaw"
Jim Duggan

and my former Tag-Team Partner in the NWA
The Great Ted DiBiase

Wrestling Superstar
and Great Friend
RVD-Rob Van Dam

Good Friend
King Kong Bundy

One of the Greatest
tag-teams of all time
Friends Afa and Sika
The Samoans

and my former Manager
The Great Captain Lou Albano

Wrestling Superstar
and Great Friend
Juan Hernandez

Old Buddy-
Wrestling Legend
Terry Funk

Wrestling Great
and my Good Friend
Chief Jay Strongbow Jr.

and Legendary Manager
JJ Dillon

WWWF Superstar
Larry Zbyszko

WWF Superstar
and friend
The Iron Sheik

One of the Toughest
Wrestlers of all time. My Buddy,
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

My dear friend,
and former tag-partner
WWF Legend
Nikolai Volkoff

WWWF Superstar
and buddy
The Duke of Dorchester
Pete Doherty

Legendary WWWF Superstar
and friend
Bruno Sammartino

One of the Greatest and Toughest
Wrestlers of all time. My friend,
Mick "Cactus Jack" Foley

My dear friend,
"King Kong" Bundy
Wrestler Extaordinaire!

WWE Superstar
and friend-
Rob Van Dam

Legendary WWWF Superstar
and friend
Scott Casey
with a little help from his chair

WWWF Legend
Good Buddy
Mil Mascaras

All Time Wrestling Legend
Good Friend
Les Thatcher

and friend-
"Killer" Tim Brooks

With old UWF Wrestling buddy
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams

One of the Greatest and Toughest
Wrestlers of all time. My friend,
Kevin "The Butcher" Hughes

My dear friend,
Wrestling Mentor,
and basically a father to me.
The Best the Wrestling
Business ever saw.
Walter "Killer" Kowalski 2003

One of Wrestling's Greatest
Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon,(sitting)
and Paul "The Butcher" Vachon

The Greatest Wrestling "Character"
of All-Time!
George "The Animal" Steele

One of the Greatest
Wrestlers of all time. My buddy,
John "The Maniac" Tolos

The Great
Baron Von Raschke
trying his best to outdo Kowalski's "Clawhold"

Two of my Best Friends-
and Great Wrestlers-
"Judo" Gene LeBell,(L)
and Jack "Wildman" Armstrong

Two Wrestling Greats
Friends Billy Anderson(L)
and Jesse Hernandez

One of the Greatest
Wrestlers of all time. My pal,
Sergeant Slaughter

The Best-
Simply Put
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Probably the Greatest
of All-Time
Nick Bockwinkel

The Greatest Japanese
Wrestling Legend
Antonio Inoki

The Legendary
Wrestling Great
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

The Great Tor Kamata
When he retired.
He is a Great Friend!

With Legendary Manager
Dave Drason

With Legendary Manager
Al Friend

Wrestling Film Clips

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