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My Beloved Sister Beth 1961-1998
She was taken from us much too soon.

The Greatest Grandparents Anyone Could Ever Want. 1979
Sam and Anna Daskell(seen here with me at my Bar Mitzvah)

My Beloved Cousin Mark Lunsk-2016
King of South Philly-Greatest Jew ever
SORELY Missed every day.

My Cousin Stewart Levy-1950-1998
Vietnam War Hero-My Hero.....

My Surrogate Father-Walter "Killer" Kowalski-1926-2008
Greatest Man and Role Model.....I Mourn for this Beloved Friend Deeply.


My uncle-Harry Lunsk-1911-1988. Nicest man you'd ever want to meet.
Seen with his son-my cousin-The Great Mark Lunsk.

My Friend Milt Pappas-1939-2016
All-Star MLB Pitcher. # 32
You will always be in my Starting Rotation, Big Guy.


My Friend- Lenore "Smitty" Smith -1924-2016.
Chief Petty Officer. WWII Hero, MY Hero!

My Friend Noel Neill-1911-2016
If George Reeves was Superman,
Noel was Superwoman.


My Very Good Friend-Phil Sapp-2010
He STARRED in the First Film I Directed(here shooting a victim) War Hero..Police Officer..One of the Toughest men you will ever Meet. I will always love Big Phil.

My Dear Friend-Bill Kidd-2015. Pure GOOD.
I will miss our Phone Calls at 7AM.

My Friend-Tony Longo-2015. His heart was as big as he was.
I will miss "Big Tony".

My Great, Beloved Friend-Lee Goldberg-2011
Neils Brother, my Brother..I will mourn this true friend.

My Very Dear Friend-Neil Goldberg-2010
Cancer needlessly takes another victim..I will forever mourn this great friend. He Fought valiantly.

My dear Friend Jeff Bergman-1960-2012
I was Proud to have called this man FRIEND.
Jeff will always be remembered for his selfishlessness with his Friends.

My dear Friend Randy Savage-November 15, 1952 - May 20, 2011
I was greatly HONORED to have worked with this legend.
I was more honored to be his friend-his heart was as big as his body.

My Very Dear Friend Tor Kamata-1935-2007
I was greatly HONORED to have Wrestled this legend.
I was more honored to be his friend.

My Buddy, "Captain" Lou Albano-1933-2009
Great Friend-Great Wrestling Manager.

My Buon Amico (Good Friend) Anthony "Spanky" Ruffo-2009
When I think of Anthony, the term "Philadelphia's Finest" comes to mind...

My Friend Big Alex Calvin-(With our friend Jimmy Yu)-2009
A very Kind and Gentle Friend. To know him was to Love him.

My Good Friend Bernie Mac-1958-2008
The Nicest and Funniest Friend I have been Honored to know.....

My Dear Friend Barry Payzant-1958-2009
One of the most Loyal and Sincere Friends I have ever been Blessed to have known....Taken Way before his time.....

My Great Friend John "The Maniac" Tolos-1930-2009
The "Golden Greek" was indeed GOLDEN-to me, and always will be.....

My Good Friend Larry Thomas-1957-2005
One of the most Superlative Friends I have ever known....Murdered Needlessly-By his unfaithful Wife and her disgusting lover.....

My Friend Mikey Vera-1988-2007
I will always find inspiration in his great courage. Taken from this earth much too soon.
One of the toughest and bravest kids I have ever been blessed to meet.

My Good Friend Carl "Whitey" Koopmann-1910-2007
I will always treasure his wrestling stories and his friendship.

My Good Friend Mike York-1950-1998
He was always in my corner.....

Richard "Ricardo Gigante" Radway-1947-2001
Will truly be missed by everyone that knew him. One of the most Generous and Happy human beings ever
Seen with me (front)-and our friend Pat Ingala (rear).

Marc Akerstream-1998
Awesome Stuntman-Awesome Friend

Antone "Ripper" Leone - World's Greatest Wrestling Promoter.
Was like a father to all his wrestlers

Don "Ripper" Ross 1946-1995 Was loved by everyone that met him.
A true loss......

Lloyd Matsumoto- Greatness, Compassion, and Wisdom are almost impossible to find. I found all 3 in Lloyd.
His loss was a tragedy.

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