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"Starsky and Hutch"

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Action Shots from Starsky and Hutch

As "Fat Ron"

Chilling with Vince
David, and Juliette

Vince Vaughn making his point.

Vince getting ready
to "Blast" me as Director
Todd Philips looks on.

Vince showing me who's Boss!

Always Cooperative with
A gun in my face!

The "Friendly" Vince Vaughn

Close-up shot on Deck

Photos with the Stars on the Set

With the very sharp
Vince Vaughn

With beautiful and
talented Juliette Lewis

With Great Actor
David Pressman

With the original
"Huggy Bear"
the great Antonio Fargas

Saying Goodbye to
Director Todd Philips

Clip from Starsky and Hutch

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