"Action Pictures from Fire Down Below."

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Steven Seagal detailing how he's gonna
"Break My Face" as Stunt Coordinator
/ Legend Bobby Brown looks on.

Getting flipped onto a pool table
by Steven Seagal "Fire Down Below"

Look how high my foot is on this flip!!!.

"Some Fun!

It doesn't get any more intense than this.

The Showdown.

Getting Clobbered!!

I didn't think pool rules allow your opponent to put YOU in the corner pocket!

Getting in Steven Seagal's Face "Fire Down Below"

Telling Steven that he "came this close.....".

Obviously laughing from nervousness!

Trying my best not to make anyone laugh as Marg Helgenberger watches.
"Photos with the Stars on the Set."

With Film Great-Steven Seagal on the set.

With Marg Helgenberger on the set

On location in Kentucky with my partners in crime-Mark Collie (L) and Alex Harvey

With Ed Bruce as Sheriff Lloyd.

With Marg Helgenberger
and Brad Hunt
in Kentucky

With Ed Bruce as Sheriff Lloyd "Fire Down Below."

With fellow rednecks Jeff Podgurski (L) and Randy Popplewell on the set of "Fire Down Below"
"Film Clip from Fire Down Below."

Confronting Steven Seagal-Fire Down Below&;nbsp,&;nbsp