Action Pictures from "Betrayal"

Big Meeting of Ruska Mafia
at Ironworks

Big Card Game at the Russian Casino

Discussing Upcoming Warehouse
Fight Scene with Director Jack Topalian

Sharing a laugh with
Director Jack Topalian

Discussing with Dema
how we are going to dispose of
The Italian Mafia Crew

Taking Direction from
Director Jack Topalian

Taking a ride with Dema and Yuri
after whacking an enemy

Getting ready to shoot a scene
outside Highrise Condo

Hanging with
Randy Beyers

Talking with Erin

Taking a ride after whacking an enemy


Photos with the Stars on the Set

One of my
Partners in crime
Mike Topuschyan-"Dema"

With Superstar
Eric Roberts

Hanging out with

With Phenomenal Actor
Gev Khal

The Talented Roman Mitichyan

With Great MMA Superstar
Roman Mitichyan-"Arthur"

With two GREAT Guys
Jason Wheat (L) and Jason Morris

The Cool-Scar "Enhanced"
Matt Dillier

The Greatest 1st A.D.
in the film business
Sona Stamboltsyan

With Brilliant MMA Superstar
Oleg Taktarov-"Yuri"

Clowning around with

With Phenomenal Actor
Gev Khal

Film Clips from "Betrayal"

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