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UltimateBadGuy.com - The Official Website Of Scott L. Schwartz
Welcome to Ultimate Bad Guy.Com
Thank you for visiting the site and please explore the different sections of my website.

  • Film and Television Projects
    This Area has separate films I've worked on. By clicking on the mini-movie poster, you will be whisked away to a page dedicated to that film. On that page you will find an area which has Action Shots from that film, Photos with Stars on the set, and in some instances Film Clips from that film.

  • Headshots and Resume
    This page contains my Headshot and up-to-date Resume. It also has links to other Film Industry Related Websites.

  • Stuff 4 Sale
    This page has an assortment of Autographed Personalized Photos and DVD's for sale. If you see ANY photos on my website and want it reproduced, enlarged, and Autographed-Please request it in an E-Mail and I will reply with a cost. I own ALL photos on my website.

  • Pro-Wrestling
    This page has a wide array of goodies from my Professional Wrestling Career. The material includes action photos, and Newspaper and Magazine Articles.  There are also some star-shots with wrestling superstars-both past and present.  There will also be some video clips added soon.

  • Tidbits and Fun Pics...
    This page has alot of Photos of Friends and Family members. Some photos are from the set and some are not.

  • Newsletter
    This page will be updated periodically with a newsletter type article. From time to time, I may express my views pertaining to a current event.

  • In Memoriam
    This page is dedicated to people in my life that are no longer with us. The Beloved People on this page are people that made a great impact on my life, and countless others as well. These terrific people will always be immortal on my website.

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