Action Pictures from "Carman the Champion"

Watching for Police - "The Champion"

Standing Guard-on "The Champion"

An Ominous figure-"The Champion"

Trying to break Mark Mcguire's Home Run record- "The Champion"

Watching for Police again - "The Champion"

Taking Aim-on "The Champion"

Confronting Romeo Fabian-"The Champion"

Explaining the advantages of Drug Dealing "The Champion"

Photos with the Stars on the Set

With Gospel Superstar Carman Liciardello-on the set of "The Champion"

With the Very Talented Kevin Rankin-on the set of "The Champion"

With The Great Romeo Fabian (right) and his brother Brian, on the set of "The Champion"

Film Clips from "Carman the Champion."

Confronting Carmen-"Heart of a Champion"